Cloudview-logoCloud Based CCTV

Secure Cloud Solutions that are scalable, with flexible detection that is future proof

Our partner solution “Cloudview” is a ground-breaking cloud-based visual surveillance system, which provides cost-effective visual protection of people, property and assets. Commercial enterprises have been quick to catch on to its potential, from companies who want to protect remote assets, retailers safeguarding their brands, and to meet residential care needs to protect both staff and customers.

Cloudview is a CCTV solution with a difference which has proved to be ’the missing link’ without which affordable, accessible and actionable visual monitoring would not be practical. The main issues when choosing a CCTV solution include the ability to quickly scale multiple, affordable cameras in a variety of locations, the granting of variable permissions to specific users, the addressing of statutory privacy issues and the advantages of cloud-based secure storage and retrieval of imagery compared to the time-consuming process for hard-drive recorders. In particular, an essential facet of the service, and one only available with a system such as Cloudview’s, is that any data collected does not become actual video until it is required by an authorised user. This is in stark contrast to traditional CCTV where access to the CCTV hardware is synonymous with access to footage.   Closed Circuit TV. The name defines its limitations… until now, footage from CCTV systems has been ‘closed’ to everyone except authorised users viewing dedicated monitors in close proximity. The Cloudview Visual Network Adapter changes all that – liberating CCTV so it becomes a more powerful, flexible and effective tool. Now you can upgrade your system and view, manage and share CCTV footage from anywhere, at anytime, via PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Return on Investment (ROI) when considering a CCTV provision can be measured in the following 4 areas:
1) Due diligence  – With any cash handling management to protect any business and staff can be easily reconciled with takings made, any anomaly can then be reviewed and would be traceable for up to 30 days historically.
2) Security – in order to protect the assets of the property and prevent unnecessary costs caused by break ins and furniture damage etc.
3) Protection – Any break in will come with a level of confrontation, and clearly above all else prevention is key to enforce and protect all staff and its owners. A display of a system awarded the prestigious “Police Preferred Specification” would help deter opportunists.
4) Insurance – Having a recognised CCTV system in place will also offer discounted insurance against current premium.

Taken from National Web Sites – “The best defense is a good offense. Put burglars on the defense by recording their every move. You’ll need indoor and/or outdoor security cameras with night vision and a decent hard drive to record a few days worth of video”. (in this case the web does all the storage and alleviates the need to ensure hard disk is in operating, or if you forget to switch it on).