Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

So it’s happened. You can’t switch on your computer, or you can’t get onto the internet, or you can’t find that file that you told yourself you couldn’t afford to lose, or you can’t get your printer to work when you need to get that all important letter into the last post.

What do you do?

All too often it can be something really simple that in your frustration you simply forgot.

What if it isn’t?

Who do you call?

Podium have the experience to know what to do, we understand the simple things such as making sure the computer’s plugged in, that the router is connected and the printer is working. We understand what needs to be done when these simple checks don’t resolve the problem. We have the experience to be able to fix hardware problems, disk problems, network problems and can even help you when your printer runs out of ink. So who do you call? Call Podium now on 02476 980257, email us at info@podiumidc.com or arrange for a free on-site visit.