Router and Security Bundle

We can supply and configure your firewalls/routers or configure an existing appliance. We tailor individual configurations to meet our customers’ threat prevention needs. Our products scale from the Enterprise to the home, always with our commitment to Quality of Service. We help you to make a connection to your broadband connectivity simple, while remaining secure. Our solutions help towards compliance and governance for public cloud and always consider the most cost-effective solutions. Some of our typical solutions start from a basic router supplied by their broadband provider, requiring help with Wi-Fi setup, secure VPN access, SMTP email alerts of issues, SNMP for performance management, Firmware updates, multiple circuits for redundancy, 4G backup and remote access.

Bundle Options

Option One – Basic Router and Firewall Setup Configuration

The basic router and firewall setup that are supplied by an internet service provider. These routers can still be configured for extra security. This includes encryption, web page filtering and device blacklisting.

Setup and Configuration Assistance Starting from £40

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Option Two – DreyTek Vigor 2862N VDSL/ADSL Router Firewall

The Vigor 2862N is the current flagship router/firewall product from DreyTek. It comes with a host of features to improve security, flexibility and functionality compared to standard routers. This makes the Vigor 2862N a great main or supplementary router and firewall. Giving better performance or adding to an existing setup.

These features include: the ability to run on both ADSL and VDSL, a robust and comprehensive firewall, IPv6 compatability and a versatile content management system with VigorACS. All together, they provide a flexible and comprehensive system, that can be catered to individual needs.

Available from £206 plus £80 setup

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Option Three – DreyTek Vigor 2862Ln 3G/4G LTE and VDSL Router

The Vigor 2862Ln features the same specifications as traditional models, but also includes compatibility with 4G connectivity. The Vigor 2862Ln has an in-built SIM slot. It is also compatible with almost all cellular networks within the UK or ROI. In addition, since the Vigor 2862Ln is a cellular network device, it can take advantage of remote control through a mobile phone. Mobile devices can also be listed to ensure there are no security breaches.

It also has backwards compatibility with 3G networks, for areas that don’t have access to a 4G signal. This allows you to use the cellular network for your primary connection or as a secondary. Providing as much up-time as possible, or granting connection to areas that do not have a strong broadband connection.

Available from £350 plus £120 setup

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