Security Solutions

Managing threats and access control is key to business delivery and continuity. Solutions for Spam analysis and affordable Firewall controllers that have the capability to adapt quickly to the ever changing threat landscape. Wireless controllers to ensure staff and guest access are isolated, while giving the flexibility to internet access for the vast range of devices each individual now has. page-under-construction

Firewalls and Security Integration


Identity Access Management (IAM)


Penetration Testing and Resolution


Regulatory Compliancy

page-under-construction Implementation of a risk transformation process for IT depends on each organisation’s assessment of the following four elements:
  • Strategy
  • Governance and Culture
  • Business and Operating Models
  • Data, Analytics and Technology
Strategy: Do your business and risk strategies align with your internal and external transformation strategies so that they support one another? Governance and Culture: Do your governance and culture systems support implementation of your strategy, so that there is no misalignment? Business and Operating Models: How do you drive awareness of accountability and risk throughout the organisation? How do you achieve regulatory compliance without disruption to your operations? Do you ensure any risky activities are notified to the appropriate board and/or management level? Data, Analytics and Technology: How do you Leverage your investments in risk management, internal controls, data management and analysis? Do you ensure your data management and analytical capabilities support your risk management and regulatory reporting efforts? Do you ensure integrated data storage and aggregation infrastructure to support financial, operational, and risk reporting to comply with regulatory bodies in your sector?